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  • Where are Scorton Creek's Grown?
    Barnstable Harbor: Scorton Creek Oysters Origin: Barnstable Harbor, Massachusetts
  • How long does it take to grow a Scorton Creek Oyster and how are they grown?
    Due to the amazing growing environment in the Great Marsh & Barnstable Harbor, our Scorton Creek's take approximately 15 months to grow to an average market size of 3-4 inches. Scorton Creek Oysters is a 3-acre farm located in the Great Marsh of Sandy Neck. Scorton Creek uses a variety of growing methods to produce their oysters. Seed is started in a floating upweller system, then moved to the farm where they continue to grow in bags or suspended tubes. Once large enough, the seed is moved to trays, suspended bags, or placed on nets directly on the seafloor to finish growing out.
  • What do Scorton Creek Oysters taste like?
    From a varitey of oyster connoisseurs.... Flavor Notes: - Bright & Buttery - plump, ivory colored, fresh, firm, salty, and mild - deep cups, very plump meat. Crisp & clean w/ a smooth finish You can also read more about Scorton Creek Oysters in Rowan Jacobsen's 'The Essential Oyster: A Salty Appreciation of Taste and Temptation'
  • Where can I find Scorton Creek Oysters near me?
    Well, that varies from week to week. Your best bet is to ask your favorite restaurant or fish market if they carry Scorton Creeks! We love having SCO fans send us photos of SCOs on the menu across the country! We have been on menus at the following restaurants over the years: Legal Seafood, Captial Grill, Old Ebbit Grill, Jaspar White's Summer Shack, Sea Level Oyseter Bar (Newburyport and Salem), Porto (Boston), The Cove Oyster Bar & Grill (North Charleston), Fisherman's View (Sandwich), The Black Whale (New Bedford) Each Fall Big Y supermarkets run a Scorton Creek Oyster special - check them out!

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