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The Oyster Farm Christmas Miracle commences....

It's that time of year out at Scorton Creek Oysters. The water temperature is dropping, the oysters are getting ready to hibernate, and it's time to start getting all the gear off of the farm.

Tomorrow, November 15th, we start by bringing in all the empty trays and bags - they get cleaned and stacked where they wait until March to be redeployed on the farm. About mid-December, if the air and water temps have dropped enough, it will be time to bring the oyster seed (the 2021 crop) in as well. The oysters will happily overwinter in or out of the water since they are hibernating anyway. The remaining 2020 crop will get moved to the lowest part of our farm where they will remain in the water for most tides until the last one is sold.

With three acres and over 1 million oysters per crop year this is a monumental task. We are lucky to have our family and friends help make this happen in less than a month's time.

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